Privacy policy

What personal data this website collects and why

In short, my website collects as little data as possible and treats that data with respect. This section is written to give more detail as clearly as possible, avoiding technical language.


I use WordPress and Google Analytics to view anonymised data including how many users click on pages on this website. Without using analytics I would have no idea if anyone visits my website. My online shop is run through the WooCommerce WordPress plugin, and tracks as little data as possible.

Who I share your data with

As few people as possible. There are no adverts on this website. Through WordPress, there is an automated spam detection service. Through WooCommerce, enough data is used to process your online shop order. I do not sell or share your data.

How long I retain your data

Anonymised analytics data is retained indefinitely; I do not have a way to delete your data from anonymised analytics records. Online shop data is retained only to process your order.

Additional information

I protect your data by using two-factor authentication on this website. Any unusual logins or login attempts result in an automated notification to me, so I can investigate. The small amount of data this website collects means this is a low risk scenario.

This website privacy policy was updated in April 2023.