Aye (etching)


Aye (etching)

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‘Aye’ is an etching made by printing from etched copper.

I cut out a circle of copper, then smoothed the edges and polished the surface to make a printing plate. I then covered this plate with a hard ground, and scratched a drawing of an eyeball through the ground. I dipped the plate into acid, repeating a process of scratching and dipping to get a mixture of thin and thinner lines. I then cleaned the ground off the plate, rubbed black ink into the grooves, and rammed it through a heavy printing press. I then hand-coloured each iris (brown, green, or blue) and added a few bloodspots, using water-based drawing ink.

Although each eyeball is individual, I think a group of these displayed together would make a nice weird family portrait.

25cm height

25cm width

Oil-based printing ink and water-based drawing ink on paper.

Option: brown iris, green iris, or blue iris (I’ll email you to check which colour/s you’d like).

This listing is for one from a series of fifty etchings. Unframed, unmounted. There are variations in colour, positioning, and overlap – this is a normal feature of handmade printmaking.

Postage & packaging is included in the sale price. I wrap each etching in acid-free tissue paper and package it securely in an oversize cardboard tube. Your etching will be quite happy in the cardboard tube for a few days, but then please take it out of the tube and store it flat.

This listing is for one unframed, unmounted, etching.

Please note I can currently only accept sales from and delivery to the UK.

I price my work fairly. I work out the price for each handmade print I sell by adding the number of hours of my skilled time + studio costs + materials costs, divided by the number of units produced in that series of prints. This results in realistic prices for original artwork. I like knowing that I could afford to buy my own work, not pricing it only for billionaires to buy.

I see art and craft as a necessity as well as a luxury. For this reason, in 2023 I am donating 20% of my income from art and craft sales to charity. My chosen charity for 2023 is Meadow Well Connected.

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Blue, Brown, Green