I do my best to do good work. For example:

  • printmaking studio: I use the shared studio facilities at Northern Print. Sharing equipment and resources is currently more efficient than setting up my own printmaking studio; it also includes the safe disposal of printmaking waste (e.g. oily rags).
  • re-used materials: I use upcycled materials where possible. For example: fabric scraps for patchworking, upcycled fabric (lining of an old curtain, canvas wardrobe cover, offcuts from larger projects), deadstock (surplus from textile mills and fashion industry production). I use some vintage materials to print onto (handmade papers, damaged books).
  • new materials: Some materials have to be new, for example acid-free tissue to protect handmade prints. When I use new materials, I try to first use up what I already have in stock. When I buy new materials I try to choose quality products, for example Fabriano printmaking papers.
  • packaging for mail orders: I reuse clean packaging materials where possible. I am using up packaging materials I already have in stock before buying new.
  • business cards: I use printmaking offcuts as my personal business cards.
  • handmade items: the artwork and items that I exhibit and sell in my shop are made by me, not in a sweatshop. Printed images are made using inky rollers and old printing presses, not out of a computer printer.

(Ethics and sustainability are of course something I also address in my academic research and teaching)

Fair pricing

I price my work fairly. I work out the price for each handmade print I sell by adding the number of hours of my skilled time + studio costs + materials costs, divided by the number of units produced in that series of prints. This results in realistic prices for original artwork. I like knowing that I could afford to buy my own work, not pricing it only for billionaires to buy.

I see art and craft as a necessity as well as a luxury. For this reason, in 2023 I am donating 20% of my income from art and craft sales to charity. My chosen charity for 2023 is Meadow Well Connected.

Shop policies

The items sold in my shop are handmade by me. Variation in the colour, positioning, and overlap of images is a normal feature of handmade printmaking. When purchasing one print from a series, it is entirely likely that your print will vary slightly from the print photographed on my website.

I typically post out orders once a week. Please allow two calendar weeks for delivery from the day you placed your order. High-value items are posted as recorded delivery; lower-value items are posted by 2nd class post.

I can currently only accept orders from and delivery to the UK.

I do not accept returns or exchanges of handmade items. If you have a concern about your purchase, please email me to discuss your concerns.